An Exhibition of Contemporary African Diaspora Art


The concept of AfroSoul originates from my passion for global contemporary Blackculture coupled with an intellectual curiosity in understanding the spiritual and metaphysical infrastructure of the postmodern culture of Africans in the Diaspora.

 AfroSoul in my view is a quintessential expression of African consciousness in materiality. The African soul is unique and produces some of the world’s most alluring and exciting contemporary visual, literary, and musical culture.  My soul soars whenever I am engaged in curating, promoting, or celebrating the art of the contemporary African Diaspora.

In the last decade, there are very few museums and gallery art shows that have intentionally been focused on contemporary Black aesthetics or on a comprehensive overview of the commonality of contemporary global Black culture. 

 This exhibition in brief is a continuation of a series of art shows that I have been curating that represents a small, but powerful and diverse expression of the emerging global 21st century African Diasporic visual culture.

In the last 5 years, some of the titles of my shows have included AfroCool, Afro-Luminosity, AfroFuture, and Roots of the Spirit. AfroSoul is consequently another effort to showcase artists whom I believe are writing the narrative of a distinct contemporary global black aesthetic that is rooted in Afrocentricity.

This exhibition is steeped in my reverence for Pan Africanism and, a profound respect for African spirituality, resilience, and the cultural achievements of African people globally despite the enormous political, economic, and social challenges that come with the vestiges of slavery, colonialism, and global racism. 

 All the artists in this exhibition are making significant contributions in the writing of a new narrative about Black identity, Afrocentricity, Black joy, resilience, and Black empowerment. The elevation and celebration of Black Culture are acts of resilience and rebellion against global racism.

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