About Us

Contemporary African Diaspora Art (CADA) is one of the world’s leading brokers of rare original and one-of-a-kind works produced by contemporary artists of African descent throughout the world.

Black African Cultures have survived centuries of Arab and European slave trades and invasion, domestic oppression, inter-tribal wars and economic exploitation resulting in the displacement of African peoples — the African Diaspora — throughout the world. Over the last thirty years, people of African descent are blossoming and rising up out of their slumber. The result is a new breed of contemporary artist.

A renaissance in African cultural awareness is emerging in the global art world with a unique voice that was once grossly underrepresented. Yet Contemporary Africana culture in multiple mediums and genres — music, art, literature, dance, religion, fashion and film — represents some of the world’s most spirited, intellectual, esthetic and inspiring popular culture.

CADA is dedicated to giving Contemporary African Art and Artists a platform of exposure to reach and teach new audiences. We produce African art exhibitions, panel discussions, seminars, curriculae, video and film.