Contemporary African Diaspora ArtsSponsorship FAQ - Contemporary African Diaspora Arts Free songs

Why do you need sponsors anyway?

These community building projects wouldn’t be possible without the generous support of our sponsors who value fine art and it’s proven benefits. With your help we can provide the proper platform and experience for exchanges about contemporary African diaspora art. We truly appreciate and value our sponsors, and want to help them gain valuable exposure.

Why should we support your event?

We would like to produce a visually and intellectually engaging event. With your support we will be able to have:

Expert Panelists: Top intellectuals from across the African diaspora lecture on relevant issues and guide community discussion.

Performance Art: Opportunity to invite performance artists for an audience captivating live performance art pieces.

Pop-Up Exhibition: Opportunity to display artists across the African diaspora to contextualize conversations.

Improved Documentation: We would be able to hire additional producers to create media for sharing online and historical documentation.

Print Materials: Design and print catalog of CADA 2014 including panelist projects and associated artists works.

Bubbly: If we get enough $krill we party. Celebrate good times!

What kind of sponsorship opportunities do you offer?

CADA offers a wide range of opportunities for integrating into our event. Our tiered sponsorship levels offer tailor-made opportunities designed to address each of our partners marketing goals and brand exposure. We offer sponsors access to a demographic of affluent collectors and intellectuals with an interest in African culture. We will work with you to develop a package that meets your company’s exact needs and marketing objectives. For information regarding sponsorship opportunities please call Director, Ludlow Bailey. (786) 290-7359