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META Series: Artist talk with Everton Wright/Panel Discussion on the role of visual arts in the revitalization of Black Miami.

01 2014 Panelists (Moderated by Ludlow Bailey)

Ludlow Bailey is Managing Director of G&A International Consultants, Inc (marketing, public relations and business planning firm) and a Curator of Global African Diaspora Culture. Mr. Bailey is a globalist whose passion is world art and culture. He believes that Contemporary Africana Culture (music, dance, art and film) represents some of the world’s most spirited, esthetic and inspiring popular culture. Mr. Bailey is also currently Managing Director of CADA, a multi-media platform designed to present and promote the visual art culture of the African Diaspora.

Mr. Bailey has attended many of the world’s leading art fairs and museum and is very informed about the art market in London, New York, Paris, Johanessburg, Chicago, Berlin and Miami.

Ludlow holds a Bachelor of Arts degree in Philosophy from Brown University, where he was awarded a Watson Fellowship which allowed him to study Contemporary African Philosophy at the University of Ghana, the University of Dakar and the American University in Cairo. He earned his Masters in International Affairs degree from Columbia University.

06 Dinizulu Gene Tinnie visual artist, writer, independent researcher.
Dinizulu Gene Tinnie is a New York-born, Miami-based visual artist, writer, independent researcher, semi-retired educator, and activist in cultural arts, historic preservation, and social justice issues, with a formal academic background in foreign languages, linguistics, and literature. He is the Co-Director, with Mr. Harmon R. Carey of Wilmington, Delaware, of the Dos Amigos/Fair Rosamond Slave Ship Replica Project, and is active in creating a Middle Passage Coalition network and information clearinghouse for organizations and individuals engaged in Middle Passage history and heritage. Mr. Tinnie serves on several museum and historic preservation boards.


03 Melissa Hunter Davis Cultural event producer and founder of Sugarcane Magazine

Melissa Hunter Davis is a cultural event producer and founder of Sugarcane Magazine, an online imprint that focuses on the arts and artists Africa and the African Diaspora. Mrs Hunter Davis has 20 years of experience creating productions, directing theatrical presentation, managing festivals and assisting cultural entrepreneurs. She is often sought out for her guidance on programming, arts management and funding. When she is not documenting the vast African Diaspora, she runs  Sugarcane Global Media, a boutique media production company. She is married to Marshall Davis, Sr. and is the mother of two lovely little girls.

02 Gary L. Moore Artist Designer

Gary L. Moore (born PeeDee, South Carolina, 1954 and raised in Philadelphia, Pa), is an artist designer based in South Florida since 1989. He designed the multi-dimensional public artworks Wind Through Four Points, West Palm Beach; Yesterdays Tomorrow, Phila, PA, Pharoahs Dance Plaza and The Ninth Street Pedestrian Mall, both in Miami, FLA. Moore is a graduate of the University of Miami, Art and Art History and a former fellow at the Whitney Museum of American Art, ISP Program.


Ms. Graylyn Swilley-Woods Vice President (Interim) of the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau Multicultural Tourism Department.

Ms. Swilley holds a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Pittsburgh and received her Master of Arts from Ohio State University.  She has also completed studies towards a Master of Science in Rural Sociology and is presently completing a PH.D in Leadership and Change at Antioch University in Yellow Springs, Ohio. Her experience in tourism, education, community development, and social change brings fresh ideas to the Greater Miami Convention and Visitor Bureau Multicultural Tourism Department. She is married and is the mother of two sons.